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Since 2015 we've been helping Irish businesses to simplify the collection of fees using SEPA direct debit.

Selling is pointless without collecting.

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An engine that goes beyond SEPA  direct debit to enable automatic collections to boost your growth
Being kinder on the environment with electronic direct debit mandates

Over 1/2 Billion Euro collected using SEPA direct debit from home and abroad by some great businesses across Ireland

Why We Exist

Choose our SEPA direct debit service to transform
how your business operates
Cost savings - Security - Flexibility - Sustainability

Benefits & long-term value

Improve cash flow

Great cashflow enables you to pay debt, invest in your business and provides a buffer against challenging financial times in the future.

Save time, reduce cost

Allow technology to handle the automated tasks while you and your staff focus on more higher-value activities in your business.

Stop chasing payment

Remove non-payment risk from your business. Automating collections ensures payments are received on time and allowing Credit Control to focus on the exceptions.

Boost Accounts Receivable

Implement a solution that grows with you to ensure Days Sales Outstanding does not expand as your business does. Lock in payment up front to fully enjoy your growth.
We switched to Debapay 18 months ago and it is transforming how we collect payment. It’s delivering significant time savings in Credit Control and we intend to extend its use in the business. The system and method of managing collections is of real value in our business.
Noirin Burke, General Manager, Cross Group
Debapay enables us to setup direct debit collections as we start delivering services to our customers meaning we no longer wait to get paid like we did in the past. The service is delivering real value in our business.
Niall Moran, Partner, Stephens Cooke & Associates
Debapay has made an enormous difference to how we work at Food PR. We spend more time on client accounts providing valuable service and less time on chasing payments. It provides value to our clients too who spend less time processing invoices and issuing cheques.
Olivia Collins, Owner, Food PR

How it works

Supporting both Paper and Electronic Direct Debit Mandates

1. Add Your Customer

Add your customer's name and email address and you're ready to start collecting

2. Setup Direct Debit

Setup the collection, your customer approves electronically or via paper mandate

3. Monitor & Reconcile

Watch your money arrive and simplify your bank reconciliation.

Contact Sales

Choose API Integration

Connect via RESTful API

Integrate your system with ours to simplify SEPA direct debit collections.

On-demand direct debit processing and automatic posting of failed collections.

One solution for all your recurring payment needs

Go fully-digital with electronic mandates, ideal where your customers are remote

Where your customers are remote or want a digital solution, simply send them a link and enjoy a seamless process with automated collections.

Paper mandates enable you to capture approval in the moment when you're customer facing

Capture the direct debit authorisation when with your customer or simply send them a PDF version via email that they can return completed and signed.

For Efficient Credit Control

SEPA direct debit removes the pain
of chasing payment

Businesses small and large too often spend time chasing customers for payment. Through working with our customers we've learned a great deal about the value direct debit delivers to businesses.

The use case in this short video may apply to your business, contact us to learn more about how people gain from introducing SEPA direct debit in their operation.

Why people in business are choosing DebaPay


Over 20 years experience in the payment industry, our expert knowledge of SEPA direct debit ensures your income collection is treated with care and the utmost professionalism.

Customer care

Placing customer needs central to all we do ensures we deliver the optimim technology solution backed up be an excellent support service. You can reach us via support ticketing and by phone.

Fit for purpose

By design the DebaPay system is customer centric, simplifying the management of income collection. We work with our customers to ensure what we create delivers real and tangible value.

What is SEPA direct debit?

SEPA direct debit is simply a payment, from one party to another.
However, the main difference between what is generally considered a payment, where someone logs onto their banking portal to send money to a 3rd party, is that with direct debit the receiving party instructs their bank to submit a request to take the funds from the payer’s bank account on a particular date.
Of course the payer should be made aware of this before the debit happens.

This debiting of the payer’s account is permitted only where the payer has provided their permission, to do so otherwise is just disrespectful but also unlawful. Thankfully there are protections in place at the SEPA direct debit scheme level to deal with such carry on, specifically designed to protect the payer.

Where is SEPA direct debit suitable?

SEPA direct debit can be used to debit your customer's account once, or once every so often, OR it's used to collect on a recurring basis. The latter is a common use case, where an ongoing service is being delivered and service/maintenance fees need to be collected maybe every month.
We see numerous different types of business using direct debit ranging from services and distribution to professional services and leisure, it varies greatly.
The easiest thing is to speak with us, we'll go through how the service might be able to help you.

What are the main benefits for a business?

1. Getting paid on time. This is critical. We have first hand knowledge here, it's part of why we created the business. Waiting for payment, chasing people and the uncertainty, it's stressful. Getting paid on time gives you options, be it to invest in the business, buy materials or simply pay off debt. You're in control.

2. Solid cashflow. Knowing when cash is due in is a serious advantage. You can plan spending, you can show proof of funds and have a line of sight on cashflow should you need to raise capital.

3. Space in mind. Many of our customers remember what life was like prior to introducing direct debit, it's a fantastic means of assisting the Credit Control function in any size of company. Helen and her team in our short explainer video can vouch for that.

Direct debit .v. Standing Orders

A common misunderstanding with people looking to employ recurring payments to collect their income is that a Standing Order (SO) is a direct debit. While they are similar in that both result in funds being received there are some critical differences: 

1. With SOs the funds are pushed from the payer's account to the merchant's account whereas with SEPA direct debit the funds are pulled from the payer's account by the merchant. With SO the  payer sets the amount and the date of the payment, both values cannot be changed. Change to either means the SO is cancelled and setup once again with the new details, it's a headache.

2. With direct debit the merchant sets the amount to be debited from the customers account, this is the critical element as it allows the merchant to pull what's due.

3. Where a direct debit collection fails to collect the merchant is advised, this is not the case with Standing Order. This might sound like a small aspect but continuous watching for payments to arrive is time consuming whereas with direct debit you can manage by exception.

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