Where SEPA direct debit
delivers real value

The following are some business types we're working with


Refrigeration, Cleaning and others

The services sector is a prime example of where SEPA direct debit delivers real value. In a service business there is usually an ongoing relationship between service provider and customer and credit is allowed to customers with payment collected according to terms agreed.
Our Direct Debit service is in use by Refrigeration businesses, Cleaning services and others.
It's common here to see monthly direct debits being processed where regular set amounts are collected each month or the amounts being varied depending on account activity during the previous month.
Those businesses that collect on more than one debit date in the month, (for whatever reason) can also be facilitated on Debapay.


Oil Distribution

Similar to the services sector, the distribution sector is based upon ongoing relationships. An example here is E&J Oil in Donegal, a supplier of oils to domestic and commercial customers. In this type of business, like many in the distribution sector, there is the sale of a product and a service. E&J Oil have long standing relationships with many of their customers and offer payment via direct debit where customers can pay for the delivery of the oil over a period of time and according to agreed terms.
This flexibility in turn becomes a value-add for E&J Oil as it provides their customers with payment terms that helps their cashflow.


Broadband Services

Subscription businesses are an ideal example where direct debit plays a critical role in business operations. Serving both personal and business customers, Broadband providers typically have customers on set amounts per month depending on the package signed up to.
Where customers adjust their subscription which may result in change of monthly fee, the amount collected via direct debit will change accordingly.
These businesses typically have higher volume monthly transactions and connect to our service via API for efficient data exchange.

Professional Services

Accountancy, Legal, PR

Professional Services businesses, such as Accountancy, Legal and P.R., are ideally placed to employ direct debit in their businesses. Their work often involves customer facing activity and this provides the opportunity to introduce SEPA direct debit and agree with the customer the collection of fees.
We find these business types choose to use both emandates and paper mandates to capture their customer's approval.
For example, during early customer engagement an Accountant may explain how fees will be collected via direct debit and ask their customer to sign the paper mandate at that point, during discussion. The direct debit collection is then entered on DebaPay and processed as per the set schedule from that point onwards.

Wholesale, Cash'n'Carry


The backbone of Cash'n'Carry business is repeat customers. Similar to other business types, where there's a long standing relationship with customers SEPA direct debit become a highly efficient means of collecting payment. We typically see fees changing each collection period so the variable nature of direct debit makes it an ideal means of collecting payment.

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