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Since 2015 we've been helping Irish businesses to simplify the collection of fees using SEPA direct debit.
People enjoy getting paid on time.

No setup fees.
No minimum contract term.

Your Financial Technology Services Partner trusted by AIB and Bank of Ireland to deliver the optimum cash collection software service.

Specialising in Recurring Payments

We provide SEPA direct debit solutions to enable the collection of fees through recurring payments.

With your customers' agreement you simply setup the collections on DebaPay to run automatically, debiting their accounts on agreed dates for amounts due. Your customers can provide approval via electronic or paper mandate to enable you to start collecting.

With fees collected it's then just a matter of reconciling these credits on your bank account. This is simplified through unique referencing that links credits on your bank account directly to each collection on DebaPay, it couldn't be easier.

No setup fees.
No minimum contract term.

Trusted by Customers in Multiple Sectors

Benefits of SEPA direct debit

Save time and reduce cost

Never chase payment again. Set up the collections and let them run automatically. Simply manage by exception.

Know when you're getting paid

Be clear on your income. Know exactly when and how much funds will be credited to your account.

Bring positive cashflow to your business to win

Great cashflow drives long term growth in your business, enabling you to seize opportunities quickly as they arise.

DebaPay Product Demo

Setting up direct debit collections with electronic mandates

This product demo covers one particular use, the setting up of automatic monthly collections.

Also covered is electronic mandate signing by the payer enabling the automatic collection of fees.

In addition to electronic singing the system supports the use of paper mandates. Paper mandate remains a very useful method of capturing customer approval especially where you are customer facing.

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From those who know best

We switched to Debapay 18 months ago and it is transforming how we collect payment. It’s delivering significant time savings in Credit Control and we intend to extend its use in the business. The system and method of managing collections is of real value in our business.
Noirin Burke - Cross Refrigeration Dublin
We have been using Debapay for over four years for the collection of monthly payments from our Customers. We are extremely satisfied with the service provided. It is very reliable and user friendly. We would strongly recommend Debapay to other business.
Joan Kelly - E&J Oil Donegal
Debapay has made an enormous difference to how we work at Food PR. We spend more time on client accounts providing valuable service and less time on chasing payments. It provides value to our clients too who spend less time processing invoices and issuing cheques.
Olivia Colins - FoodPR Galway

How it works

1. Add Your Customer

Add your customer's name and email address and you're good to go

2. Setup Direct Debit

Setup the collection, your customer approves electronically or via paper mandate

3. Monitor & Reconcile

Watch your money arrive and simplify your bank reconciliation.

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Choose API Integration

Connect via RESTful API

Integrate your system with ours to simplify SEPA direct debit collections.

On-demand direct debit processing and automatic posting of failed collections.

Good so far?

For Efficient Credit Control

SEPA direct debit removes the pain
of chasing payment

Businesses small and large too often spend time chasing customers for payment. Through working with our customers we've learned a great deal about the value direct debit delivers to businesses.

The use case in this short video may apply to your business, contact us to learn more about how people gain from introducing SEPA direct debit in their operation.



No setup fees.
No minimum term.

per month
Single user access

SEPA Bureau
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Multi-user access
Automated Collections
High # of transactions
API Integration

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